Amazon Echo and Alexa: the Guide – Manual for Alexa users

The Amazon Echo Manual is a guide that shows how to use Alexa for music, TV, entertainment, smart home and everything else.

This makes it easy to set up a Smart Home with the latest technologies. Learn more about the manual here. I recently published my Amazon Echo manual, after having been in operation for about half a year. High time to write about it!

The Amazon Echo Manual in English – 110 pages incl. IFTTT

This manual complements the Amazon Echo manual that Amazon provides. This manual costs nothing and can be downloaded from Amazon (PDF). It contains about 3 pages, most of which are a kind of technical documentation. Many questions are not answered by Amazon.

What is Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is a “smart speaker” built by Amazon. It is 9 ” high, 3″ wide and consists essentially of a 7-fold microphone and a connection to Alexa, the smart assistant of Amazon. Officially, “Alexa” refers to the Alexa language services of Amazon. The brain, the artificial intelligence, is on the Amazon servers in the cloud. So the brain is outsourced, wherever it goes.

Alexa itself processes everything that is said nearby as soon as the activation word Alexa is said (or another set). As soon as the word is said, Alexa becomes active: the echo transmits the info via WLAN to the Amazon server. There Amazon calculates what the words mean and Alexa then reads the messages to us, for example, if you have requested this.

With the echo you can talk to Alexa and give her voice commands that you should have typed on the keyboard earlier.

alexa echo guide

(my first Amazon Echo).

What can Amazon Alexa do?

Alexa is basically like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Assistant: it serves as a voice-controlled remote for devices and can do internet searches, play music and so on.

Once your echo is connected to Alexa, you can already use the full potential of the service. This means you can activate voice control, play music, listen to podcasts, listen to audiobooks, toggle lists, set alarms, control your Smart Home devices, view weather information and other real-time data. In addition, there are additional programs called Skills.

The most important thing is that the echo always listens to the activation word “Alexa”. By the way, you can change it to “Echo”, “Amazon”, or “Computer”. I’ll introduce this in the next chapters. Anyway, the microphones of the Amazon Echo are quite capable and can hear through rooms or through thin walls (when they are on.). Most of the time an echo in your apartment is enough.

My guide for Amazon Echo and Alexa

When you read this book, you can set all the important things for your echo yourself – read messages automatically, turn on lights, start morning program, and set conditions with IFTTT (If This Then That). From now on the Echo is your Smart Home!

All this and much more can be done by your smart assistant, Amazon Alexa: reading books, finding recipes, managing lists, organizing calendars … and there are more and more things Alexa can do every month, and every month your echo gets even better. This book is my guide to the Amazon Echo, which I have been using myself for about a year now.

The Echo is fascinating, because in the past I would have always searched for something on Google and had to start my computer or phone. Today I just say “Alexa, …” and Alexa does the work. No matter where I am and no matter what I do. The Amazon Echo manual shows you how.

Here are the things your Echo can currently do

I’ll show you how to do it with simple instructions.

  • Play all your music from Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn or others on your command.
  • Use voice control for Internet searches
  • Let Alexa read Audio books, news, traffic and weather information, sports results, match schedules or search results for you (with a pleasant sounding voice!)
  • Control the lamps, switches, thermostats of your Smart Home or activate them conditionally (start the morning program!)

The following things I’ll show you in this Amazon Echo manual:

  • What is the Amazon Echo? How does it work and what is it good for?
  • What products are part of the Alexa family?
  • How do I set up the Amazon Echo?
  • How do I use the Alexa App – music, books, lists, reminders and alarms, the most important skills
  • How do I set up an IFTTT reaction chain (If this, then this)?
  • Which skills are still good for Alexa users?
  • Other Alexa topics, how do I disable automatic buying or what kind of data does Amazon store?
  • A detailed comparison with Google Home.

After about half a year with de Echo I can say: How did I get through all those years without the Echo? Click on the picture to learn more.

smarthomesystem alexa echo guide manual

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If you also searched for “Amazon Echo PDF”, you can read the PDF here.

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