Google Home: The manual – a guide to Google Assistant


What is Google Home? How does Google Home work? What can you use Google Home for and how can you control a Smart Home with Google Home?

After intensive testing, I have written a 100-page manual with many pictures and instructions about my Google Home, which I present here.

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What is Google Home? How does Google Home work? What can you use Google Home for and how can you control a Smart Home with Google Home?

After intensive testing, I have written a 100-page manual with many pictures and instructions about my Google Home, which I present here.


How to make your Google Home work for you – with the Google Home manual

I wrote this book after using the Google Home for over half a year. I bought it two days after they started selling it – after about a month of practical use I’m ready. Here is my manual! It’s the current version from September 2018, already with Actions and the Google Home Mini.

Here is a good video for an overview:

Now follow a few excerpts from my manual.

What is Google Home?

Basically the Google Home is another “smart speaker“, which can be controlled with voice commands. It is about 14 cm high, 9 cm wide and weighs about as much as three smartphones. It’s the same size as many other speakers, but it can do what you tell it to do and do things for you that you should have done with the keyboard before.

How does Google Home work?

Home connects to Google with the signal word “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google” and sends your instruction to the Google server, which then sends back the answer. That means you can activate voice control, play music, listen to podcasts, listen to audiobooks, fill to-do lists, set alarms, control your smart home devices, view weather information, and have other real-time data read to you. Call from a distance (up to 20 meters) in the house.

What can you use Google Home for and how can you control a Smart Home with Google Home?

Here I already give an overview, even if you probably know already:

smarthomesystem google home guideMusic and media:

Play music from the most popular music services on Google Home, listen to the latest news (and create your own news show), listen to your favorite podcasts, and of course listen to the radio (worldwide stations)..

Television and entertainment:

You can also play content (movies / music) on your Chromecast-enabled TV or speaker. You can also use it to control speakers remotely. You can also play music from your smartphone using one of over 100 Chromecast-enabled apps or Android Audio.

Internet search and informations:

Everyone knows how it is: you have a simple question (e.g. how much does the Google share cost). Then you would have to search your phone or open your computer, type in the question and then select a suitable search result. Google Home can shorten that by giving you the answer directly to some questions. These can be, for example, courses, information, general questions or small calculations. Example: What are 5 inches in CM? Where is your favorite club in the table?

Organisation and productivity:

You can get the latest traffic news for your car or public transport (bike etc. too). At the same time you can get information about your point of view and suggestions (handy if you just take Google Home with you). You can also manage events in your calendar, have your agenda, news, weather and reminders read to you. You can also manage lists (tasks or shopping lists). Furthermore, you can set an alarm clock or a stopwatch at any time, which are also recurring or only on certain days.


Google Home makes it possible to send SMS or emails.

Smart Home:

In the case of Google Home, you can also remote control heating circuits, lamps and circuits. With a bit of expansion you can also use security technology or really interesting things like “IFTTT” (If This Is Then That, a US service). By interposing such services, you can also control devices that are not natively supported by Google Home.

Games, jokes and random things:

Google Home also offers some small games.

Other apps:

smarthomesystem google home handbuch gebrauchsanweisung anleitung

Other manufacturers can also offer apps on Google Home that you can use. These can be very different things that you trigger with a special keyword. Then Google Home will start a conversation with the respective provider.

In concrete terms you could say: “Ok Google, ToDoIst should add coffee to your shopping list” (ToDoIst is a list management tool). Then Google Home will forward you to the ToDoIst Bot, which executes the instruction (and sounds somewhat different). Other providers are for example Uber (“Tell Uber to order a taxi to me”), Wonder (a kind of memory for passwords with donkey bridges) or Slack, the chat application.

The Google Home manual offers the full overview

Since you may be like most people who buy a Google Home, you have some questions and I’ll answer them in my Google Home manual.

With this book you get a TOP step by step guide so that you can use your Google Home playfully and easily for yourself. If you want to learn more about Google Home itself, I recommend the article on the question, what is Google Home.

What does this book offer?

  • What is Google Home and Google Assistant?
  • The perfect setup – your new Google Home will be up and running in minutes.
  • Use voice commands for music, movies, series, and smart home
  • Automated processes with IFTTT, an external provider
  • Your sports information adapted to what you want
  • Listen to the radio – from anywhere
  • A detailed comparison with Amazon Alexa

Funny questions and entertainment with Google Home

  • Weather Forecast
  • Your morning program
  • Calendar and your appointments (from now on just dictate an appointment to your home!)
  • Nothing remains unanswered and in just a few minutes you can
    important functions of your Google Home.
  • You’ll see how much fun you’ll have using your Google Home – while saving time.

Get this book today to get the most out of your Google Home!

Buy now with 1-Click and get started today! Read more about Google Home:

  • Alexa vs. Google Home Comparison
  • Activate Google Home IFTTT

google home handbuch

Google Home manual reviews (on Amazon)

Rainer Milz:

The book is written in a way that is easy to understand and has really helped me, because everything is explained step by step, and even things I would never have thought of myself.
At first I didn’t know how to use or even connect Spotify with the part.
Then I also knew how to use my TV for streaming.

Robert Zheng:

Good summary that this little booklet provides, saves you the time-consuming Internet research. Especially handy because in the Internet rather the original English commands are listed and here now times the Germans.


On about 100 pages, the book describes very well and above all exactly how to install and use Google Home and shows tips and tricks that you won’t learn from the standard operating instructions. So even people with an affinity for technology like me can learn something new.

Monika Seeliger:

“The bible for Google Home”

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