Smart Home Systems: Guide and Manuals

Smart Home manual: I have tested the most common smart speakers. Learn more about Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.


What can I find on this page?

Platform comparison

  • Amazon Echo & Alexa vs. Google Assistant / Google Home
  • What platform for the Smart Home?
  • Smart Home Strategies: Amazon Echo /Alexa, Google Home /Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit and HomePod
  • Comparison between Amazon Echo and Google Home

Using Amazon Echo and Alexa

alexa echo guide

General info:

All current articles on Amazon Alexa can be found here :

  • Alexa Articles

Alexa devices:

  • Echo or Echo Dot?
  • Echo or Echo Plus?
  • Amazon Echo 1st Generation
  • Amazon Echo 2nd generation
  • Amazon Echo Plus 1st generation
  • Amazon Echo Plus 2nd generation
  • Amazon Echo Show 1st generation
  • Amazon Echo Show 2nd generation
  • Amazon Echo Dot 1st generation
  • Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation
  • Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation
  • Amazon Echo Spot
  • Amazon Echo Loop
  • Amazon Echo Buds
  • Amazon Echo Sub

Using Amazon Echo / Alexa :

  • How to activate alexa routines
  • How to set up Amazon Echo and Alexa
  • Amazon Echo / Alexa Music:
    • How to play Music with Amazon Echo
    • Amazon Music / Spotify
      • How to connect Amazon Music with Alexa
      • How to connect Spotify with Alexa
      • How to control Amazon Music
      • Amazon Music: a review
      • Amazon Music and spotify
    • Audible
      • Audible: how to connect Audible and Alexa
      • Audible Test
    • How to play Podcasts with Alexa
    • How to play audio books with Alexa
    • Sonos
      • Connect and set up Sonos with Alexa
      • Sonos Music Guide
    • Setting up a multi room environment with Alexa
    • With what streaming service does Alexa work?
    • Connect and play Apple Music with Amazon Alexa
    • Connect and play iTunes Music with Amazon Alexa (local music!)
    • Connect Echo / Alexa with bluetooth devices
  • Amazon Echo / Alexa television
    • How to control the TV with Alexa
    • How to use Fire TV with Alexa
    • How play Netflix with Alexa
  • amazon Echo / Alexa communication
    • How to send SMS with Alexa
    • How to call with Skype and Alexa
  • Amazon Echo / Alexa configure routines
  • Paying bills with Alexa
  • Alexa configure response speed
  • Configuring Alexa as default wizard on Android
  • Alexa IFTTT
  • How to block the alexa buying function
  • Alexa privacy
    • Alexa privacy
    • Alexa delete recordings
  • How to reset Amazon Echo devices
  • How to turn off Amazon Echo devices
AMazon Fire TV Manual
AMazon Fire TV Manual

Alexa Smart Home and other devices:

  • IKEA Smart Home blinds
  • Amazon Echo / Alexa light
    • Amazon Echo / Alexa: Hue, Lightify and IKEA Tradfri
    • Amazon Echo / Alexa connect smart home lamps
    • Amazon Echo / Alexa manage light lamps
    • Amazon Echo / Alexa: Simulating the presence of incandescent lamps / deterring burglars
  • Alexa Thermostats
    • Amazon Echo /Alexa best thermostats (2018)
    • Amazon Echo / Alexa best thermostats / heating controls
  • Smart Home Security
    • Connecting the Amazon Echo / Alexa Camera
    • Amazon Echo / Alexa best surveillance cameras
  • Amazon Echo / Alexa smart power plugs / sockets
    • Amazon Echo & Alexa Controlling plugs
    • Amazon Echo / Alexa best WLAN sockets
  • Amazon Echo and Smart Watches
    • FitBit 2 in overview
    • Best sleeping tracker for Amazon Alexa
  • Alexa Integration
    • Alexa and HomeMatic
    • Alexa and Apple HomeKit

Programming Amazon Alexa

General info:

  • Alexa Programming Manual. Here also my contribution to the announcement

Program Alexa tipps:

Google Home

Google Home general info

Using Google Home

  • Google IFTTT Home

Apple HomeKit &HomePod

apple homekit review

The basics of the Apple HomePod and HomeKit

  • The Apple HomePod manual

use Apple HomePod & HomeKit

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  • .