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About Roman Alexander: here I would like to introduce myself as author of my Smart Home Blog and further down is a contact possibility.

About me and my Smart Home Blog

My name is Roman and I blog here. The smart home has been a topic for me since I moved into my condo, and of course because I like to tinker. In the past, for example, I used to build airplanes and let them fly out of paper, and today I do handicrafts at home.


Since I work full-time in a very dynamic field (something with IT)… I also deal with the latest innovations at home. It is always amazing what solutions are available by now!

To document my progress, but also to describe further innovations, I have opened this page here. With it I want to explore the topic Smart Home in the next years.

Contact Roman Alexander

If you have any comments or similar then please write me:

I usually answer within 24 hours, rarely more hours.

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