How to build Alexa Skills: The manual is available

How to build Alexa Skills: The manual is available. The guide for developing Alexa Skills is available since March

There are news from Alexa again, after my books about Alexa and Google Home sold very well last year, I have been asked how to develop Alexa Skills since the middle of last year and have now placed my manual a few days ago. On 240 pages – the longest book I’ve ever written and also the most time consuming – I first describe the basics of Alexa Skill development and then get into the details. On two examples of about 90 pages we develop two custom skills, those are skills where you have the greatest freedom to develop.

But for other users the book is also interesting: for example you can turn an RSS feed from a blog into an info skill in a short time – this really only takes a short time and is very practical, which is why it is used by many newspapers and publishers.

How to build Alexa Skills: The manual is available

Alexa Skills to develop is not an easy thing. Besides the basic terms around skills we learn in detail for example about:

  • Development with Node.js
  • Graphical representation of an Alexa skill – so that everything looks good on the TV via Fire TV or on the Echo Spot (e.g. with Alexa Presentation Language , APL)
  • Writing good interaction models
  • What makes a good skill?
  • Developing with the Alexa Developer Console or with Alexa ASK CLI
  • Proper testing of Alexa Skills
  • All code examples are hosted on Github, including different versions of the skills.

and much more. Check it out on Amazon ($8.99):

how to develop and build alexa skills book

Here is the information page for my manual on Alexa Skill Development.

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